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As a result of a research conducted in November 2002 by a team from The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS Norway) and after the proposal of this team to take more efforts in economical development, year 2004 marks the implementation of the project for Local Governance and Local Economical Development in three municipalities Obiliq Fushë Kosovë and Gllogovc. This proposal came from the fact that municipalities needed support in the field of public administration and in creating networks in business and farmers community. From 2008 the project has been expended in five other municipalities in: Viti, Kamenice, Shterpcë Kacanik and Novo Bërde, with same projects.

From 2007 a new entity has been established, a local NGO “ KS-Kosova ”, as a successor of The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS), office in Kosovo. The New NGO inherited all the projects and the assets owned by KS Office in Kosovo. KS Kosova implements all the inherited projects jointly with “DSF – Consultancy, Training and Development” a local L.L.C. Company,

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide high quality, systematic and modern consultancy and training service for the public service and the private sector.


KS Kosova Office during its of existence has been specialized to provide high quality, systematic and modern Training and Consultancy Service for the Civil Servants and the Private Sector, services in Business development and establishment of functional Municipal Business Centers.